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QuikToy Meetups are happening all over Chicago and beyond!

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A BIG shoutout to everyone who attended our QuikToy Toy Trading Meetup in Feb 2020 in Naperville, IL.

Our Story


Like most families, our house is filled with toys. Old toys that no one wants to play with. New toys that are still wrapped from last Christmas. Our basement is packed. Mom and dad need room but our kids don't want to let go of their toys. Toy Story, anyone?

Fortunately, my 11-year and 6-year old son understand. We started "toy trading" parties with our extended family and friends. The idea grew. Till we asked the quintessential question: why not create an app for it?

My 11-year old son, Burhanuddin and I am designing a toy trading app where kids can directly buy, sell, and barter toys with other kids via in-app tokens.  The trade/buy/sell locations will automatically be suggested based on geo-location and will be at a public place. Items can be posted directly by the kids via a simple, appealing interface. Parental oversight via their phones (they are notified of messages/trades/etc on their personal phones) to keep a check. Ultra-safe, monitored platform. Everyone authenticated.


We would love it if you can spread the word to your friends, family and social networks. Invite your friends and as they sign-up you will get rewarded for each milestone you reach. 

Cheers and thank you,
Burhanuddin and Shabbir
Founders, QuikToy






The average American family spends $2500 on toys. QuikToy helps kids post their used toys to sell or trade, creating space in the home, as well as helping them discover new toys.



QuikToy teaches kids the basics of money and trading as they buy, sell and trade toys. This helps them learn money management and value spending, while discovering "new" toys around them.



Kids are addicted to technology. QuikToy helps kids connect with other kids, discover common interests, make new friends, and explore the world around them in a meaningful way.


So many toys, so little time



Made for kids by kids with magical pixel dust in Chicago.

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